DATA BLACKOUT was founded in 2012 by Sarah Berkeley as a participatory art project. DATA BLACKOUT creates a hole in the transmission of digital data from specific locations for 24 hours. Participants refrain from transmit traceable data for 24 hours. That means, no cell phone, no internet, no key fobs, no debit or credit cards, no TV may be used during this time. Everyday we are unconsciously creating a pattern of data transmission. DATA BLACKOUT is an opportunity to be more intentional about the pattern we are creating. In the developed world, we voluntarily (and often unknowingly) feed data about our locations, tastes, relationships, consumption habits, finances into the ether through Facebook, email, Internet browsing, shopping, cell phones, key fobs, debit cards and other devices. This data is being collected and analyzed by many for-profit companies as well as governments. DATA BLACKOUT invites people to experiment with what life would be like without volunteering all of this information about ourselves. I ask participants to write a response to their experience of the DATA BLACKOUT and submit it for archiving. These pieces of consciously created and transmitted data are presented on this site and in physical art exhibitions.